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Historical Collection Policy

Policy: 7.9

Volume: 7, Library

Chapter: 9, Historical Collection Policy

Responsible Executive:  Library Director

Executive Council Approval Date: June 4, 2013

Originally Issued:  June 4, 2013

Reason for Policy:

This policy describes the content of the Historical Collection in the Touro University California Library and establishes the rules for use of these materials. 

Who should Read This Policy:

  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Staff
  • Adjunct Faculty

Policy Statement:

The Touro University California (TUC) Library maintains a separate Historical Collection in which are housed materials not appropriately shelved in the Library’s open stack collections.  Reasons for housing an item in the Historical Collection may include one or more of the following: monetary value; age of item; physical and intrinsic characteristics including items for which few copies are available; condition; bibliographic and research value.  Librarians in the course of their work have responsibility to identify such rare, unique, valuable materials and relocate them to the Historical Collection.


  • Items in the Historical Collection are available for use by TUC students, faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff.  
  • With permission of the Library Director, non-TUC affiliated individuals may on occasion be given permission to use materials in the Historical Collection.  This special permission would be based primarily on the individual’s need to access unique materials not readily available elsewhere.
  • For non-TUC users, a picture government-issued ID will be required and held by the librarian for the duration the historical items are used.
  • Historical collection items are not available for interlibrary loan.

Retrieval and Usage:

  • All historical materials will be shelved in closed stacks which are not available for browsing.
  • All items in the Historical Collection are included in the Library catalog and can be requested from one of the librarians. Because items will need to be pulled, it is highly desirable that requests for Historical Collection materials be made in advance with one of the TUC librarians. 
  • Materials from the historical collection may be used only during hours when librarians are working. Library staff does not include Library student assistants.
  • Items from the Historical Collection will be checked out to the TUC student, faculty, adjunct faculty, or staff member.  
  • No food or drink of any kind, including water, may be used near collection materials.
  • Bags, backpacks, coats, jackets, etc. may not be placed on the tables while using materials from the Historical Collection.
  • PENCILS only may be used in conjunction with use of Historical Collection materials.  No markings on materials may be added or erased from materials.
  • Photocopying of materials is permitted. All photocopying must be done by Library staff.
  • Permission to use cameras must be obtained before photographing materials.
  • If a patron using an item from the Historical Collection must leave the South side of the Library, he/she must return the item to the librarian. Arrangements can be made for subsequent use. 
  • All material must be returned 10 minutes before closing or before librarian goes off duty. Patrons will be reminded of the time.
  • Materials from the Historical Collection are not allowed to leave the Library and may only be used in the Library’s south side section or other designated locations of the Library in view of the Library staff.