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Policy: 7.10
Volume:  Library
Chapter: 10 Education Test Collection Policy
Responsible Executive: Library Director
Executive Council Approval Date: October 5, 2016
Originally Issued: October 5, 2016  

POLICY STATEMENTTo establish a policy for the creation and maintenance of and access to the Education Test Collection materials housed in the TUC Library.

REASON FOR POLICYThe Library’s primary goal is to support the mission of the University to provide quality educational programs in the fields of health care and education in concert with the Judaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity.  The Library’s main user population is Touro University California (TUC) students, faculty (including adjuncts) and staff. 


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students


The Education Test Collection housed in the TUC Library consists of a limited number of education test kits.  These materials are identified in the Library Catalog with the location “TUC Educational Test Collection” and are shelved behind the Circulation Desk in the TUC Library.  Educational test collection materials are available for use by current GSOE students and GSOE faculty only.  This includes both in-Library use and for check-out from the Library.   Use by anyone else, requires approval from the GSOE faculty member designated by GSOE administration as the Library’s contact for the Education Test Collection.

  1. Due to the limited quantity of these materials and the high use of these materials by members of some of the GSOE classes, check-out of education test materials is for 1 week only.  If no holds are placed on an item, education test kits can be renewed twice more, for 1 week per renewal.
  2. The Library has responsibility for providing bibliographic access to and physical maintenance of any educational test kit materials in the Library including:
    • Cataloging and classifying educational test materials for the Library Catalog 
    • Providing appropriate shelving and cabinet space in the Library for education test materials including supplementary materials to the test kit.
    • Ensuring that all the components of the test kit are included at the time of check-out  (most test kits consist of multiple parts) and  replenishing, as needed, after return from check-out, any components that are meant to be used by the patron checking out the material (e.g. score sheets) and following up with GSOE on any missing components.
    • Informing GSOE when component  parts need to be re-ordered  because  supply of component parts  are running low or a part is found to be missing/lost.   
    • Reporting to GSOE contact when Library in course of working with these materials finds that a newer edition has become available.
  3.  The Graduate School of Education (GSOE)  is responsible for the following: 
    • Selecting all the education test kits in the Library and purchasing and paying for them and sending them to the Library for cataloging and to house them for the use by current GSOE faculty and students.
    • Purchasing components that need to be replenished or replaced. 
    • Making decisions about withdrawing or about retaining test kits in the Collection that are old and/or for which a newer edition/version has been published.
    • Making decisions about withdrawing or about continuing to make available test kits that have some content missing that cannot be replenished or GSOE does not wish to replenish.
  4.  The Library staff does not provide photocopies or scans of materials in the Education Test Collection nor are these materials available for interlibrary loan to other libraries. 

Any questions pertaining to this policy should be directed to the Director of the Library