Listed below are some sources to access information in newspapers. If you do not find what you need, please contact one of the librarians.

Print Daily Newspapers

The daily print issues of the following newspapers are available in the Library:

  • San Francisco Chronicle (daily issues for Mondays-Saturdays)
  • Vallejo Times Herald (daily issues for Tuesdays - Fridays)

The Saturday issue of the San Francisco Chronicle is available in the Library after the Sabbath. Back print issues of the above newspapers are retained for one week. All print newspapers are for in-Library reading only.

Electronic Newspaper Sources

If you are looking for a specific newspaper, you can search for it by title in the A-Z Journal list. Otherwise, the following databases allow you to search for articles, topics, or newspapers.

New York Times - Register here for an account for all-digital access to the New York Times from 1851 to current.  For articles from 1923 to 1980 each individual is limited to 5 articles per day. Email addresses must be re-registered after 364 days.

News & Newspapers (Proquest)
Search the full-text of over 1300 newspapers, news websites, and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world, as well as nearly 300 Canadian newspapers. Includes historical coverage of Boston Globe, The New York Times, New York Tribune, The Guardian, and The Observer.

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
Provides cover to cover full-text for more than 40 U.S. and international newspapers. Also contains full-text for 389 regional (U.S.) newspapers.

Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives
This website lists a large number of free and subscribers-only digital online newspaper archives. The newspapers are from countries around the world and are arranged alphabetically by country.