Books and eBooks

The TUC Library Catalog is the place to find a listing of all print and electronic books in the TUC Library available to TUC students, faculty, and staff. Any eBook listing in the Library Catalog will include a direct link to the full-text. If you know the platform (e.g., Access Medicine, MD Consult, eBookCentral, etc.) that you go to in order to access your favorite eBooks, you can go directly to that platform using the link on the databases list.

To make searches easier and to accommodate browsing, books in the TUC Library are organized into collections. An Advanced Search in the Library Catalog allows for limiting to a location representing the following specific collections:

  • TUC eBook - limits to electronic books
  • TUC Library - limits to books in the stacks or circulating collection
  • TUC Reserve - limits to books required or recommended for current TUC courses; these materials have limited check-out and are for in-Library use
  • TUC Historical Collection - limits to special, often older, materials retained for their historical importance; these materials are for in-Library use
  • TUC Juvenile - limits to books for use by or with children or young adults; these materials are in support of the GSOE curriculum
  • TUC Leisure Collection - limits to a small collection of selected award-winning fiction and non-fiction books or books of current or local interest; intended for leisure rather than curriculum-related reading
  • TUC Reference - limits to dictionaries, handbooks and similar type of books intended for quick look up of authoritative information; these materials are for in-Library use
  • TUC Education Test Collection - limits to education test instruments. These are available to GSOE students only

For books and eBooks not available at TUC search WorldCat, the largest bibliographic database with over 1 billion listings from over 72,000 libraries worldwide. This is an excellent tool for verifying citations or finding additional books on a topic.

Books needed but not available at TUC can be requested through interlibrary loan or recommended for purchase.