Models & Kits

Anatomical Models

The Library has a collection of 31 anatomical models (organs, skulls, spines, vertebrae and other skeletal models) available for reserve checkout (in-library use only) just like a book on reserve. Records for the 31 models in the Library Reserve Collection, plus records for the 3 full size skeletons on the Library south side, can be found in the Library catalog – see the complete list. Please ask a librarian for assistance if you have questions about the models.


The Library has two categories of kits:

  1. Test kits are commercial, printed test materials for use and check-out by GSOE students only. See the complete list of test kits available in the Library.
  2. Education kits consist of materials meant to be used together for improved learning or teaching. See the complete list of education kits available in the Library.