Access Policy

Volume: 7, Library
Chapter: 1, Library Access Policy
Responsible Executive: Library Director
Executive Council Approval Date: March 15, 2011
Originally Issued: March 15, 2011
Revised: August 2, 2016

Reason for policy:

The Library's primary goal is to support the mission of the University to provide quality educational programs in the fields of health care and education in concert with the Judaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity. The Library's main user population is Touro University California (TUC) students, faculty (including adjuncts) and staff.

Who should read this policy:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Policy statement:

  1. Occasional visitors to the Touro University California Campus affiliated with TUC students, faculty, staff, including family members or others who accompany TUC interviewees, are welcome to come to the Library. They must sign the Library guestbook and include with whom at TUC they are affiliated.
  2. Visitors who are not affiliated with a TUC faculty, staff, students or interviewees will be directed to the TUC Security Desk in Lander Hall. Library staff will call Security to let them know that a visitor is being directed to the Security Desk from the Library.
  3. If the Library reaches capacity, guests may be asked to leave to accommodate TUC students, faculty and staff.
  4. Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
  5. Any person engaging in inappropriate behavior contrary to library code of conduct may be asked to leave the Library.
  6. Any exceptions or additions regarding library access should be referred to the Library Director.